Family life matters

Family life and beyond provides specialized short-term solution-focused professional counseling to individuals, couples, families in a safe, caring, confidential and respectful environment.   Therapeutic counseling addresses psychosocial, emotional, behavioral, relational and mental health needs of individuals, couples and families. We provide person-centered counseling, where the client is supported to set therapeutic SMART goals with an emphasis on growth, development and change.

Mental health matters

Just as one attends to their medical needs, our mental health requires as much attention. Mental health issues can have the similar effects on individuals and families is the same way physical ailments do. Matter of fact many mental illnesses have physical manifestations. The sad news is that, while this is the case, many people have a terrible fear of seeking for mental health help due to the stigma and discrimination geared towards them. Family life and beyond is here to remind you that your “mental health matters”. By focusing on individual strengths FLAB (family life and beyond) offers help and support to individuals that struggle with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, anger management issues, self esteem issues.

Workshops, retreats and speaking

Offering couples and marriage retreats and workshops, self- esteem workshops.